Zengjiao Jian, aka “JJ”

Zengjiao Jian, aka “JJ”

Founder / Head Instructor

As in most successful Chinese athlete’s careers, Master Jian started training in wushu at the young age of 8.

By 1985, Jian was on an amateur wushu team.  He competed in the 1988 Liaoning provincial tournament and became the champion of two major events: changquan and sabre.  Scouted by the Liaoning provincial wushu team, Master Jian started his professional career at age 12.  He quickly rose through the ranks and became champion of the Chinese National Youth wushu competition in changquan, sabre, three-sectional, and fighting set.

Master Jian briefly terminated his professional athletic training in 1995-1996 and went to the film business, where he learned stunt action and action choreography.  

After meeting the Beijing wushu team master coach Wu Bin in 1996, Master Jian began his second professional athletic career under Coach Wu.  He persevered through his training and eventually earned his spot in 1999 as one of the six men on the Beijing Team competition squad.  Master Jian has won six different individual championship titles in the Chinese National wushu competition and one World Champion in 1999.

He moved to America and first joined the stunt company.  Now he is a main wushu team performer in Las Vegas’s infamous Cirque du Soleil show “KA”.

His passion for wushu never stops to this day. 


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