Contortion – Learn how to be bendy of your body!

Contortion is performance art to showcase extreme flexibility.  The showcase is accompanied with music and choreographed sequence of movements.  It requires physical strength to balance the body in such movement.

This course mostly focus on flexibility and strength to balance your body, then progress to positioning your body in variety of pauses and series of movements on the floor, stand and table.  Advanced students practice on a mouth-piece stand.  Students will also learn stage performance in choreographed contortion moves.

This class may also help some adults and seniors with back pain.  We definitely recommend consultation with doctor first, but we have many feedbacks that it removed/eased the back pain by stretching the body in regular basis.

We accept children as young as 3 years old.

Private Classes Available.

First Class is always free for new students.

Event Timeslots (5)